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Thank You for Your Letters of Support

As an eligible Consortium making headway in expanding broadband access across the Tri-County region of Southern California, The BCPC has applied for the next round of funding. Thank you for your letters of support to validate the work we do and the accomplishments we have achieved in our journey so far. We appreciate the time you took to draft a letter or submit a comment and hope to continue our valuable relationship with each supporter. Please head to the link below to view all supporters and contributors.

Our Vision

To realize the imperative of creating a technology-enabled future shared by all, a compelling vision for the community is required. The foundation for that vision is robust broadband infrastructure as the fourth utility, followed by the processes for integrating technology applications, the integral components of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Finally, an alignment of organizations within the civic area is necessary that redefines how people engage, how planning occurs, and how projects are executed. To be specific, the focus of this alignment occurs in three district areas which serve as the catalyst to transforming the community.

Achieving our goal

  • Collaboration Strategy & Investment

– How do you connect the dots and leverage the contribution of others?

  • Technology Infrastructure & Applications

– Where do you start and how will quick wins accelerate the change process?

  • Civic Leadership & Entrepreneurship

– What skills and characters are involved in developing advocates, bridge builders, and integrators


Closing the gaps/providing broadband to rural communities lacking infrastructure and decent access to internet.


Establishing Infrastructure and communications over regions to expand our conversations and efforts.


Creating strong community networks as well as support systems to strengthen our discussions, influence, and reach.


Creating programs, prototypes, and pilots. Advocating for Smart Cities that include broadband in their creation and development.

Topics and Discussions

The BCPC is one of several strategic initiatives conducted by the Economic Development Collaborative in Ventura County. Formed in 2014, the consortium has served as an advocate for broadband deployment and adoption across Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties. With that in mind, the consortium has an overarching goal of communicating to municipal leaders, local stakeholders, and citizens why it is imperative to develop Smart City Infrastructures and applications technologies.  

The Faces Behind our Success

Each of these unique individuals brings something valuable to our ever growing table

Brian Chong

Assistant to the city manager for the City of Moorpark & BCPC Member

Noel Heredia

CTO of Digital Value Creation & BCPC Member

Terry Theobald

Chief Information Officer at County of Ventura & BCPC Member

Chris Chirgwin

CEO of Lanspeed & BCPC Member

George Amandola

CEO/Managing Member of CYBERDYNAMICX & BCPC Member

Greg Hayward

Founder at Trackable Health & Co-founder at Broadshare.org, BCPC Member

Alan Jaeger

Ventura Tech Bridge Director at Naval X & BCPC Member

We Are The Collaborative

We encourage Ideas

Good ideas draw funding