About Us

The Broadband Consortium of The Pacific Coast (BCPC) is a strategic initiative of the Economic Development Collaborative (EDC). Formed in 2014, we serve as an advocate for broadband deployment and adoption in the Tri-County area of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties. BCPC funding for broadband deployment support has been provided in full or in part via the Rural and Urban Regional Broadband Consortia Grant Account of the California Advanced Services Fund, a program administered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Funding for regional support of digital equity and adoption initiatives has been provided by the California Emerging Technologies Fund (CETF).

Our Vision

BCPC envisions a future where all residents of the tri-county region have access to affordable internet, the devices to use it, and opportunities to improve their digital skills, and where communities are prepared to adapt and grow as technology advances. Gaps in access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet disenfranchise households by limiting their access to education, the workforce, health care, and democratic processes. The digital divide defines the gap between those with the capacity to use technology and those left out of opportunities provided by digital access. All households, businesses, and public institutions in our region would benefit from the faster and more reliable internet access broadband connections deliver. 

This vision will only be realized through collaboration between public and private entities, innovation, and strategic investment in our communities. BCPC serves as a resource to inform, convene, and support stakeholders working together to bridge the digital divide. Join our mission to achieve Broadband for All goals in the region to improve economic prosperity and realize 21st-century opportunities for tri-county residents. 


Collaborate with public and private agencies and coordinate with state and federal entities


Spearhead the creation of comprehensive regional strategies that align with BCPC’s mission to enhance broadband access and adoption across the Pacific Coast.


Develop a community-centered digital equity framework that addresses the unique needs and challenges of diverse communities along the Pacific Coast. Ensure that initiatives prioritize inclusivity and accessibility to bridge the digital divide.


Conduct thorough research and analysis of available local, state, federal, and private funding sources that align with BCPC’s broadband expansion goals. 

Realizing the Broadband For All Goal

The BCPC is one of several strategic initiatives conducted by the Economic Development Collaborative in Ventura County. Formed in 2014, the consortium has served as an advocate for broadband deployment and adoption across Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties. With that in mind, the consortium has an overarching goal of communicating to municipal leaders, local stakeholders, and citizens why it is imperative to develop Smart City Infrastructures and applications technologies.  

We Are The Collaborative

Thank You for Your Letters of Support

BCPC received funding in 2023 to continue our work supporting broadband expansion efforts in the Tri-County region. Thank you for your letters of support to validate the work we do and highlight the accomplishments achieved in our journey so far. Visit the link below to review all supporters and contributors.